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Superdevtools is the destination of choice for all your encryption/decryption, encoding/decoding, compression/decompression, minification, generation, validation, conversion and detection needs.

Our platform offers a full range of powerful and easy-to-use tools, designed specifically to simplify your development tasks. Whether you're an experienced developer looking for efficiency or a beginner curious about exploring new features, we've got you covered.

Online encode and online decode

Encoding and decoding are common operations in web development. Our site offers a wide range of encoding/decoding algorithms, such as Base64, URL, HTML and many more. You can quickly convert text or raw data into different formats for easy integration into your projects.
Online encoding / Online decoding

Encrypt online / Online decryption

Encrypt online and decrypt online

Encryption and decryption are essential aspects of information security. With our advanced encryption tools, you can reliably and confidentially protect your sensitive data. Additionally, our decryption feature allows you to easily recover previously encrypted information.

Minify online

Minification is an essential process to optimize the source code of your web pages. With our minification tools, you can remove unnecessary spaces, comments, and other superfluous elements from your code, reducing its size and improving your site's performance.
Minify online

Online generator

Online Random Data Generator

Need a random data generator, secure passwords or QR codes? Do not search anymore ! Our site offers powerful generators that allow you to quickly create custom data for your applications or tests. You can also generate QR codes for links, email addresses, phone numbers, and more.

Online data validator

Validation is a crucial step to ensure the quality of your code. Our site offers validators for different languages and formats, such as HTML, CSS, JSON, XML and many more. You can check your code for standards compliance and catch errors quickly and easily.
Online validator

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